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Pediatric Rehabilitation


Introduction to Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation by RM Rine, P.T., Ph.D. This course provides an overview of the scientific basis, and protocol, for the evaluation of & intervention for vestibular impairments in children.  CLICK HERE FOR ANNOUNCEMENT- COURSE INFO, cost and CEU approvals (9 hours). INTERACTIVE VIDEO FORMAT!! APPROVal for CEUs pending.

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Evaluation and Treatment of Balance Impairments in Children by Jennifer Braswell-Christy, P.T., Ph.D. This basic level course is designed for physical and occupational therapists, providing a review of the mechanisms involved in balance, as well as evaluation and interventions to address impairments in children.  

INTERACTIVE VIDEO FORMAT. CLICK HERE for ANNOUNCEMENT - course information and continuing education approvals.

To register go to our online campus and access course - click here.


Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency Based Course

 November 15-19 2016 in Jacksonville, FL.   CLICK HERE for more information

Pediatric_Vestibular_Rehabilitation_Competency Announcement website info Intro Ped Vestib Rehab2012c.pdf Announcement website info Intro Ped Vestib Rehab2016.pdf Announcement website info Peds balance2012e.pdf Announcement website info Peds balance2016b.pdf

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